Saturday, 18 July 2009

Garden Butterflies

I have not seen many butterflies in my Redesdale garden this year. Not yet, at least. I expect that when the buddleia bushes flower there will be more. The garden list includes both Large and Small Whites, Orange Tip, Peacock, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell and Red Admiral. All of the pictures here were taken in 2008.

Large White (Pieris brassicae)

Comma (Polygonia c-album)

Peacock (Inachis io)


Anonymous said...

That is a lovely set of images Emma. I hope you get more soon as the Summer moves on.

Alan Tilmouth said...

It's a little surprising Emma as this year seems to have been such a good year for Butterflies, particluarly Ringlet which are everywhere.

holdingmoments said...

Although I've seen quite a few about on my visits, I've had very few actually visiting my garden this year Emma.
Maybe a sudden influx soon? I hope so.

Wilma said...

Lovely images. Just found your blog on a link in "Walks with My Camera". I'll be back ...


Midmarsh John said...

I think you have seen more butterflies in your garden than I have in mine, Emma. Some passing trough from time to time but few visitors. Much less than last year but it may be early here yet.

Love your butterfly photos and the singing Robin in the header picture.