Wednesday, 25 November 2009


A small selection of Fungi pictures taken in Coquetdale and Redesdale.

Hypholoma capnoides

Stag's Horn

Granny's Bonnet

Sulphur Tip

Below, Dr. Gordon Beakes, of Newcastle University, describing Granny's Bonnet fungi on a decaying branch in Rupert's Wood, Redesdale, during a visit to the wood by members of the Redesdale Society. Rupert's Wood is a large ancient woodland which forms part of Lord Redesdale's estate.


holdingmoments said...

Lovely shots Emma, and quite topical for me.
I've just purchased Blacks nature guide to Mushrooms & Toadstools. Thought it about time I tried to know what I see when I'm out. lol

ADRIAN said...

These are beautifully lit Emma. How? Reflector, flash or both?

Emma Anderson said...

Thanks for your comments.
Adrian: Some flash but no reflector in all of the pictures.
Keith: That's a good guide. I also like the Collins Guide to UK toadstools (Santa might be bringing it for me!)

Orchids and Nature said...

Enjoyed your blog, you've captured some lovely pictures

Tim James said...

Fascinating and informative blog. Thanks.